Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting Ready for Mexico

This Christmas is going to be a first for us. My entire family is flying down to Mexico for Christmas. We are all going to stay at my parents house, Casa Lagarto. My parents took my boys down to their house last spring break, but this will be a first for the baby, my husband and myself. When I say my entire family is going, I mean EVERYONE. I'm not excited yet since I am still plugging away getting things done before we leave. My parents have been stocking up on food for Connor to eat at their house for sometime. They also don't eat a lot of food down there that is not "Connor friendly". They have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and corn tortillas. They eat a lot of fresh seafood and beans too. Whatever they can't get locally, my parents buy from the Puerta Vallarta Costco. Yes, there is even one down there. It makes getting diapers and such easier for us.

Next Blog Post: A Casa Lagarto Christmas!

Have a great Christmas Everyone! See you soon.


I realized recently that I never wrote about Thanksgiving. We had a great day spending time with family. We all decided this year to not cook. None of us were particularly interested in hosting this year and spending a lot of time and money to make a bunch of food that would barely get eaten. Instead we met my family at a restaurant for lunch and met with my husband's family for dinnertime snacks.

Connor is really into seafood right now. Since Disney World, Connor has only wanted to eat seafood. He asks all the time if I will make crab legs or shrimp for dinner. Since I don't eat seafood (nothing from the sea) that has been quite a challenge.

The restaurant where we had lunch was a buffet and traditionally buffets are a nightmare for us. There is very seldom anything without gluten or dairy for Connor, and the contamination factor is huge. I called the restaurant first thing in the morning and asked about the menu. I spoke to the manager who informed me that all the seafood would be plain, without butter or anything else. There was going to be plenty of fruit and meats also. I would always ask to speak to either the manager or the chef directly. I always stress the allergy and ask for specific dishes that would be safe. If there are no choices available for Connor, I would just bring as much of his own food from home as possible. The nice thing about this particular restaurant was that the seafood was in a different area than the other food. The fruit and meats were also all separate from things like bread or cheese. It was nice and easy. Connor had a good time and loved his crab legs! It was a nice way to spend a holiday. With no clean-up either...