Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tortilla de Patatas

This is my favorite dinner/lunch/whatever to make. I have made the basic tortilla with many different veggies added depending on my mood. My kids LOVE this meal also.

I ate this almost daily while living in the north part of Spain, the Basque country. This is a very common tapa (or pintxo as they call it in the Basque country). Whenever my best friend is around I have her make it because she makes it so perfectly. It is amazing how food can bring you back to a different time and place.

Tortilla is gluten free, dairy free and soy free. You can add any veggie to it that you like and your kids probably won't even know. It is fast and easy and a staple in my house.

Basic Recipe:

Peel and dice as many potatoes as you like.

Cook diced potatoes in oil until soft.

In a bowl, add eggs (1 egg for every three or so potatoes) and cooked potatoes. Mix.

Pour egg and potato mixture back into pan with a little bit of oil in the pan and salt to taste.

Depending on the pan you will need to keep the mixture from sticking.

When it is done on one side, take a plate and lay it over the pan, flip.

Cook on other side by sliding the mixture back into the pan with raw side down. Salt more if needed.

Let cool and slice into pizza-like slices. Serve warm or cold. Use as a side dish or alone. Can also be used with some gluten free bread as a sandwich. ENJOY!


Aran said...

nothing like tortilla to gather people around a table! talk about nostalgia!

Becky said...

I tried this tonight but I think I made too much and hubby convinced me to just leave it in the pan to combine (which didn't allow the pan to get some oil again before the cooking). Do you think I could throw it in the oven for the last part of the cooking with the eggs so I don't have to try and flip a big pan of stuff? I added onions, celery, broccoli, Sheltons turkey sausage and some spices and the boys really like it! Thanks for the recipe... I think we found a keeper!

Jill said...

I'm glad your family liked the tortilla. It is so hard to find new, kid friendly gfcf meals our kids will actually eat. A lot of people have used an oven safe pan to cook it on one side on the stovetop and then finished it in the oven. I have never done that but I'm sure it would work fine. It is important to mix the potatoes, eggs and whatever else in a bowl first and then pour back in the pan. Otherwise it is more like a big omelete. I'm sure it would still taste good though. Enjoy!