Friday, November 21, 2008

Autism Warriors

I have to pass on a great news site devoted to autism. It is a very informative site and the writers, I believe, are all (or most) parents of autistic children.

I think we all need to become aware of a serious issue going on with the Somalian immigrants living in Minnesota. The rates of autism in their children are 1 in 28 children! Yes, I will repeat that, 1 in 28 children! I know the national rates of autism is supposedly 1 in 150, which is an extremely conservative number, but 1 in 28?! The government is dragging their feet (no surprise) to gather data to try and figure out why these particular people, in this particular place, are seeing such catastrophically high numbers. Please read in more detail about this story and the fight ahead for these people at these great sites:

I also want to mention a fight going on between a great autism advocate, JB Handley and the man I refer to as Da Devil (He da devil) Paul Offit. Please go to Age of Autism and read about the lies DD is spewing now. He has even written a book talking about us "parasites" and how we are ruining the world. I hate to type the title, but I think most of you will enjoy the irony, Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure. Only Da Devil would consider a cure for autism wrong. By the way, for those wondering who DD is, he is the "brilliant VACCINE INVENTOR" who is mentoring Amanda Peet and encouraging her fight against Jenny McCarthy and other "parasite" parents like me.

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Aran said...

I just checked out Age of Autism. So much great info!