Friday, November 7, 2008

Visiting the Doc

Yesterday Connor had his first doctor's appointment in years. He doesn't get sick, and traditional doctors aren't very knowledgeable about autism, so there is never a reason to go. I decided a couple weeks ago to go back to our DAN! (defeat autism now!) doctor to see what was new with DAN! and to get a new perspective. Connor is doing so amazing, but he is not recovered. He is still awkward with peers and gets obsessive about topics. I was very interested to see what the doctor would say after seeing Connor. Our DAN! doctor has been our doctor since the beginning. We were one of his first autistic patients in his practice. He didn't know a lot about autism back then, but decided to dedicate his practice to treating kids with autism.

He had a couple of new ideas that I had thought of a few years ago and never pursued. Since many of our kids have viral issues, we are going to test for viruses. In Jenny McCarthy's latest book, "Mother Warriors" several parents talk about how much their child improved after addressing viruses. Please consult your DAN! doctor if you are interested in more information on getting rid of viruses. (check out Stan Kurtz's info at TACA)

We also talked about Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments. Our DAN! doc has done a lot of research into HBOT and feels that it is a great treatment for autism. He had also traveled to Fresno and visited the facility that we are going to go to in March. He was impressed with the facility. We are going to do some testing to ensure maximum benefits from HBOT.

I always feel like you need to go back and readdress things that didn't make it on your plate before. One great way to do this is to keep a journal. I always tell new moms just starting biomedical or ABA treatments with their kid's to write everything down. Sometimes years later you will finally get to something. We are always going down a path, and sometimes we find a fork in the road. Sometimes we go left and sometimes we go right. That path takes us down another path...and so on. We need to go back now and again and readdress the other direction, the path we didn't choose. Sometimes it just wasn't the right time.

We are going to do some new testing. I will let you know how it goes, and what path we decide to go down...

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