Friday, January 9, 2009

Sick About This

I was doing my usual web surfing today trying to find some new, fun food for the family when I came across a reference to this article by the Chicago Tribune. For anyone who's children have serious issues with gluten and you thought you were giving them safe, gluten free food, think again. Read this article and listen to the President of Wellshire Foods not even apologize for poisoning our children knowingly. It makes me sick, and it probably made MANY children sick and their parents had no idea why.

Throw away any Wellshire Farms dino chicken nuggets, chicken and beef corn dogs. They aren't making any more for a while, but stores are still selling the gluten containing ones. Even after Whole Foods knew, it still took them at least a month to remove the gluten containing items. They were going to blame the manufacturer instead of protecting their customers.

Please join me in voicing your concern to Whole Foods and especially Wellshire Farms for knowingly selling these products labeled "gluten free" knowing all along they contained up to 2200 part per million of gluten. It is nothing short of negligence.

Wellshire Farms

Whole Foods Market


The Thrifty Gluten-Free Mom said...

Doesn't this just make you crazy-mad? A friend lives in Chicago and I do google alerts for gluten free so I heard about it when it hit the paper. I am so disappointed and angery. Have you let the FDA know how upset you are. We have until the 14th to comment on food allergy labeling so money and liabilty are not he deciders on this issue. The law will be.

Jamie T. Hess said...

Do you have the link for the article? I can't seem to find where you have out it in your post. How does a "regular consumer" let the FDA know how mad one is?

Aran said...

this is so crazy and outrageous. they better come up with an apology soon!