Friday, January 9, 2009

Trying Something New

Recently I decided that we would try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) while on Valtrex. We are gradually trying some of the foods they recommend on that diet while eliminating most of the food they don't allow on the diet. The biggest thing is to eliminate starches. While we haven't eliminated them altogether yet, we have significantly reduced them. I also read that kids on the SCD diet are trying goat milk products with success. I read a lot of parent testimonies on the fears they had before trying the goat milk, but that ultimately they chose to try.

I have to say that we have been healing Connor's gut for almost eight years, and that the choice to try anything new is something every parent must listen to their instincts and trust their gut to know if it is going to be right for their child. I listen to my gut a lot, especially when it comes to Connor and what to try and when to try it. This time my gut said it was time to try the goat milk products and watch closely to see if it is going to be a good decision for Connor. I would not suggest trying any "dairy" with your ASD child unless you have done significant gut healing and have been gfcfsf for at least nine months to know if the child can tolerate the new food. The reason I say nine months is because until the gluten is fully out of their system, their body might not register if it doesn't like the goat milk products.

Having made the decision to add in some goat milk products, my husband decided to make a casserole with the goat cheese on top. We didn't tell Connor about the added ingredient to make it more of a "blind study". We have been watching for three days now, which is more than enough time to notice a reaction to "dairy", and still no sign of any issues. He is having a great week at school, and is very clear with no OCD issues at home. So far so good...

Please look into the SC diet if you are interested in learning more. It has helped a lot of kids on the spectrum. I also want to note that goat milk products don't taste like cow milk products. Goat milk is much easier to digest and is very similar to human breast milk, but just be prepared for a stronger smell and taste than cow milk products. All three of my kids and my husband love goat cheese, milk, butter and even yogurt. I however, can't even smell goat products. Don't spend a lot of money and time using goat stuff without knowing if you like it. is the official website for SCD and autism.

Breaking The Viscous Cycle is the official website of the original diet, not specifically for autism.

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Aran said...

i happen to love goat's and sheep's milk (although sheep's milk is really not available in the US). yes, you are right, it's a bit more "gamey" but so good for the digestion. glad connor can have it!