Monday, March 16, 2009

Starting Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Today Connor and I started the new therapy. We traveled to Florida on Friday and are staying with our good friends (and amazing pastry chef) Aran and her family. I don't think I ever caught you up on the drama that took place about a month ago now.

I called the hyperbaric center in Fresno, California that we were going to be going to within a few weeks. The number had been disconnected. I found another number, a cell phone, and called. All the while thinking nothing could possibly be wrong. The young woman who answered the phone explained to me that they had just closed down the treatment center and were filing bankruptcy. I couldn't believe that not only had they closed, but no one called me! They put me in touch with another center that was good, but in Sacramento. I don't live in California and we were only going to Fresno because I have family there. I talked to the center in Sacramento and they were very knowledgeable, but even with a discount for my difficult situation, they were still going to charge four thousand dollars for the forty treatments we needed to get. That is $4000!! Not only was it very expensive for the therapy, but Connor and I were going to have to move into the Ronald McDonald house for the whole time we were there. I am sure the Ronald McDonald house is a life saver and is wonderful as an option for families with no other place to stay, but it is not ideal to be there by myself with just me and Connor for almost a month. I need a support system. That is when I went back to the drawing board.

I called my friend, Aran, nearly in a full fledged panic attack. She reminded me that there was a clinic not far from her house and that I should call that doctor and see if I could start going to that one. I reminded her how inconvenient it was going to be and how long we were going to have to be there, and she told me to "shut up ad book it". I called the doctor's office and talked to the doctor for over an hour about our requirements and our time table. He was extremely accommodating and insisted that he would do whatever we needed to make this work for us. He said he would open up the clinic to us on days off, and during lunch. He said he even offers significant discounts to family's with children with autism. It really was a no brainer. He was great about the time table, the price, and the location was good. So off we went to Florida...

Dr. Louis Miller in Lake Worth, FL

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